Young Seizure Patients Cut off From Medical Marijuana Treatment

Previously I posted the video explaining the strain of marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web” and the benefits of this high leveled CBD strain of medical marijuana assisting for children with forms of epilepsy.  Read and watch this as a follow up:


Policy Institute Analysis: The Heritage Foundation


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Charlotte’s Web

This is a video about two pediatric patients using medical marijuana, that have helped save their lives.

Passions and Anxieties

“Fire On The Mountain” – ASA

I chose this song because in my eyes it is representing that us as a society and country we have this barreling issue of misrepresentation to children on how the world works.  As something to focus on, I think children need to be protected from the hate and violence.  We have these higher problems brewing and children are watching and taking in as a way to live their lives.  “There is fire on the mountain, and nobody seems to be on the run.”  “Tell me who’s responsible/ For what we teach our children?/ Is it the internet?/ Or the stars on television?/ Why o why o.  So little Lucy turns sixteen/ And like the movie she’s been seeing/ She has a lover in her daddy/ She can’t tell nobody/ ‘Til she makes the evening news.” 

CD 469 News Brief: CrossFit Workout, For Children?? March 3, 2014:

I came across this news video about children doing a workout plan called Crossfit is an intense style of working out where the exercises focus on movements of high repetition and a jumping, pushing, running style of cardio.  The trainers at the CrossFit gym feel that this work out is perfectly okay for children to do and that it does not harm their bodies or the development of their bodies.  They assure that proper weights are distributed for the children and that this is a healthy lifestyle choice.

I think this directly relates to the physical aspect of child development.  The body is still developing and growing all throughout childhood.  Forcing these children’s bodies to lift weights and push themselves to the limits I feel is detrimental to their growth.  Also when considering how intense this work out can be on children and pushing them into these competitive mindsets so early on.  The article said children are starting this work out at as early as five years old.  Children staying active as they grow is extremely important and encouraging healthy lifestyles, but I think having children lifting weights and pushing their bodies way farther than they would in natural free play is not healthy or what the body can handle.

My main concern with this idea is the age of which they allow children to do such intense training.  At five years old a body is still so underdeveloped and stunting the growth of a child is a high possibility if we overstrain and overwork them.  I would recommend having this kind of work out at least be required to wait until the later teenage years when the body has become stronger and already gone through growth spurts.

CD 257 Advice

Walking into this semester I had many ideas of how I felt this lab would be run.  I was intimidated by the one way glass, where I can be watched but never do I know by whom or when.  Being watched by parents, peers, and teachers behind the glass and in the classroom can create a slight uncomfortable feeling while trying to be yourself working with the children.  As the semester went on I realized that we are all here for one reason and that is to grow and learn from each other.  To feel intimidated by a work area creates an innate nervousness and when you do not feel comfortable it is impossible to show your full capabilities.  I feel like my biggest piece of advice is to always be comfortable and to remember it is okay to ask for help.  As strange as it can be to understand, the lab is here for us to try new and different ideas, to step outside our box of comfort, and to grow as an educator; which  means, take advantage of this opportunity.  It is not the often in work with children that we get feedback and watched one on one by a teacher.  Another piece of advice that comes to mind as I am thinking about the lab is the importance of remembering we do not know what a child’s life is like at home.  With this in mind it is crucial to not jump to conclusions and have assumptions that a child is a “bad” child.  Behavior develops at different paces for every person and remembering that how someone outwardly acts is a resemblance of how they are feeling inside makes us realize everyone is living their own life with their own struggles.  Remember to not judge and give off negative energy because we really have no idea what is going on inside someone else’s brain.  I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to grow and learn and I hope all others get to have this same chance.

New Beginnings

Working in the lab this semester is hopefully going to be a positive learning experience.  Creating innovative, developmentally appropriate activities will continue to broaden my understanding of the development of children.  I am excited to get to know each of the kids and watch them grow, along with helping them grow by providing what I can as support.  A common challenge I face working with children that I want to work on, is becoming hands off and letting them explore the activity without my guidance.  I get so excited about activities that sometimes I forget this is about them and everything is brand new, meaning I need to be patient.  I am hoping to learn how to work with other teachers as a team and to collaborate group ideas that will connect the children from day to day.  The philosophy of the lab is a very positive, equal environment and I think that is a healthy, welcoming energy for the children, their families, and us as the teachers.


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